Toxlearn Overview

ToxLearn is an online learning tool providing an introduction to toxicology fundamentals. The goal of this tutorial is multi-fold: to inform the general public, to serve as an ancillary curriculum to a first level undergraduate toxicology course, and to equip users of National Library of Medicine toxicology databases with a working knowledge of the science's basic principles to better interpret their search results. No prerequisites beyond a basic understanding of biology and chemistry are required.

Select ToxLearn terms are linked to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry's Glossary of Terms used in Toxicology, 2nd Edition, 2007.

ToxLearn is an update and expansion of some of the content in the earlier NLM Toxicology Tutor series. NLM Toxicology Tutor was intended to provide a basic understanding of toxicology as an aid for users of toxicology literature contained in the NLM toxicological and chemical databases.

Module I: Introduction to Toxicology and Dose-Response

This introductory module defines toxicology, briefly summarizes its history, and outlines its relevance to our daily lives, in food, drugs, and consumer products, and its impact in emerging fields such as toxicogenetics and nanotechnology. The concept of "dose" and its nuances are explained. Toxicology's most basic principle, "The dose makes the poison," is elucidated and its limitations considered. Finally, through narrative, graphs, and examples this module discusses the relationships between dose and both effect and response.

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Module II: Cells and Tissues: Injury and Repair

Module II provides an introduction to biological molecules, cells, tissues, and organs to provide an understanding of the elements that may be affected by toxicants. The last section of the module explains principles of cell damage and tissue repair and then reviews possible outcomes to cell and tissue damage, including physiological and morphological change, providing specific examples from toxicology throughout.

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