ToxLearn is a free, public domain, modular, online tutorial produced as a joint project of the U.S. National Library of Medicine Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program and the Society of Toxicology, the world's premiere professional association of toxicologists. ToxLearn was produced by, using X-Plain, an interactive multimedia software package.

The names of Work Group members overseeing and guiding the activities of ToxLearn, and reviewing and contributing to the modules follow (involvement has been throughout unless a specific module is indicated): Lorrene Buckley, Eli Lilly and Company (Module II), John Duffus, The Edinburgh Centre for Toxicology, Tammy Dugas, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center; Betty Eidemiller, Society of Toxicology, Sue Ford, St. Johnís University; Jane Huggins, Drexel University (Modules I and II); Michael Kamrin, Michigan State University, emeritus; B. Paige Lawrence, University of Rochester (Module I); Thomas Lewandowski, Gradient Corporation (Module II); Sidhartha Ray, Manchester College, Philip Wexler, U.S. National Library of Medicine, and Paul Wright, RMIT University. First drafts of modules were produced by Mike Kamrin (for Module I) and Paul Wright (for Module II).

Thanks to Craig Marcus (University of New Mexico) and Greg Moeller (University of Idaho) for their valuable guidance at the initiation of this project. retains the copyright for the instructional delivery system. Site graphic design was provided by the National Library of Medicine, Society of Toxicology, and, and these groups retain copyright of their respective images. Content but not copyrighted images may be used for any noncommercial purposes according to NLM terms of use.

The National Library of Medicine provided programming costs for Module I. Production of Module II was funded by the National Library of Medicine, the Society of Toxicology, and the Toxicology Education Foundation, a foundation that promotes activities to increase the public understanding of toxicology.

Credits for Graphics